W101 Podium 2014

W101 Podium 2014

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A work in progress

As you see it right now this blog is a work in progress. What isnt really a work in progress? Is arrival a thing that happens this side of the clay? If it is it really shouldnt be! And I honestly believe that. Some phases of life are clear wins, others a little more like a DNF or worse a DNS. But most of the time its a progession from here to the next here as we grow, develop, and change into the person we wish we were more like.

All that fuzz and stuff to say thats what this blog is going to be about, if blogs have a direction or a purpose I guess Podium Shorts is a log of that development. I swear to Maude this wont be one of those furry, sweet and precious blogs that catalouges every blow of the softer side or life. I promise it wont be an annoying chrolonolgy of when I drank a 2.5oz serving of hydration mix or when I flicked the lockout switch on my suspension fork either. No this one is gonna fall somewhere in the middle. An occasional (I wont say frequent but we might get lucky) post about how things are rolling in life on and off the bike...which for me, lets get real, is mostly on the bike. It will include some guest posts and a lot about the growing cycling world and scene with a cast of characters more diverse than I can believe sometimes.

Its gonna get messy at times, Im sure itll get boring, and if it does Im sure Dave Tevendale can lend a hand over at www.BlueridgeRacing.blogspot.com to perk things up. So heres to something I look forward to doing more of, heres to something new, and heres to killing it in 2014!! hang on long enough and Ill tell ya how many PSI I run :)