W101 Podium 2014

W101 Podium 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Ill tell you one thing that keeps me racing. Community. Im AMAZED by this community of cyclists here in VA.

 Im amazed by Travis Metro Solo Williams. Hes always pumped to be there, living the moment, living the singlespeed, cyclocross, 90 proof, thighs out skys out, vegan-brownie-eatin-just-because-he-can DREAM!!

 Im amazed by my man Kev-o Horvath. By the beard of Zeus hes always game. 6 hours of singlespeed partner, cyclo-cross before it was cool, family man, manly man and always a smiling face and a chilled beverage.

 Im amazed by the Blue Ridge Cyclery Family and specifically the Tevendales. Ive never felt more welcomed by any group than the CRC/ BRC family of riders and racers. Ive never met even half of them in person but ill be danged if they arent the most stoked and stokeworthy crowd around. Always willing to lend a hand, a wrench, a bottle, a brew, a pair of only mildly moist bibs and base layer, a wheel, or even a dab of the chamois creme. You name it. This crowd has been an amazing racing family. In addition Im always stoked to see a Tevendale come across my news feed, my phone screen, or stepping out of the house as I pull in to impromptu cruise some Teventrails. That ever growing family of Men, women, dogs, fish, and miniature shredders makes me feel the love.

I'm amazed by my partner and friend, Emily. She is courageous, passionate, fearless, not afraid to show a little emotion from time to time, thoroughly convicted, and most of all incredibly sweet and caring. She enriches my life every day.

 Im amazed by the cast of characters who make this scene always moving, shaking, and yes rallying: Steven Cook, The Ramsey family, Rich Morrison, Daniel Ortiz (bless his little heart), the junior athletes who are rapidly coming up behind me, and so SO many more. Really, I mean you.

 But lately I have been amazed by this guy:

Scott, Scud, friend. Literally a friend to everyone he met, and any he didn't. He enriched everything he was exposed to. Or rather everything that was exposed to him. I knew him for only a few years; a little before I started racing for BRC, but grew to love the man with every encounter. He was an angel of the aid station, a killer in the kitchen, and quite simply a champion. Scud spoke to you with his full energy. Like suddenly the world had slowed down and it was about the two of you and what was happening there, then. He put that much passion and devotion into caring for those around him.At the end of the day there just arent enough words for him. Not enough superlatives. The man just lived it.

I'm not a type A person when it comes to race prep but I don't like to put myself at a negative advantage either, so I usually like to get a good nights rest and do all the right things before a big event. But at this years Shenandoah Mountain 100 I found myself staying up late chatting with Scud, still dirty from cooking and aromatically between dish soap bubbles and the bubbles off of a few brews. He had so much enthusiasm for that place, that scene, the people of the cycling world. I genuinely believe Scott got it. He knew that cycling is a way to change the world. Not just the fit legs and lungs, but recognizing challenges, setting goals, and reaching beyond yourself to better yourself, and those around you. Scud got that, and he carried it with him everywhere he went.

I saw Scud a few days before his accident. He met Emily then too. I am so glad we had that opportunity in the dead of night. Soaking wet from 8 hours of rain and racing we chatted under the stars. He showed me a video of his granddaughter on her bike, she had won a junior race that summer and he couldn't be more proud. But I knew it wasn't the win alone he was proud of. He was proud that she had found a spark. A spark of passion, excitement, love for a challenge and an unbridled love of life. She found her Scud. I'll carry that night with me for a long time. Forever I hope. Because it reminds me what we ride for, what we live for, what Scud lived for. And it reminds me how absolutely amazing this community of people I love is. Thanks scud,

Here's to chasing your wheel. Heres to finding our Scud, the Scud you gave us all.

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