W101 Podium 2014

W101 Podium 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Coming Storm

I am not a talker of shit. Not a shit talker. I like to try and have a quiet confidence backed up by hard man hours in sub freezing temps. But ill say this: dont get youre info from Strava, youll be disappointed. Stealth mode...all black. Pistachio dreams are all fine and good but dont you forget where the Maillot Pistachio itself dreams:

Unfortunately I found out last year that for "budgetary reasons" there is in fact literally only one Maillot Pistachio. So if anyone needs another 6 large wooden frames you can find them here:

But one things for sure I wont stop coming up the back side of Simmons. And I Ill bring the best legs and lungs Ive got. Bring your cross bike, bring your mountain bike, bring your moms bike. Just bring it or else youll be stuck at the bottom of the lollipop wondering left or right.

 Keep that map handy kids. Put your goops in the right pocket so youll know where to reach in the vagaries of hypoxia. Fill your bidon with something that wont freeze. And get your cycling caps and mustaches on straight because its about to go down. Marco didnt let up (especially when it came to the hotel after party) and neither will I.

 Im working on another post to get stoked about all the racing this coming year but for now lets focus on the task at hand.


  1. There's a serious lack of shit talking here. More of a stoke level report. As my contemporaries like to say, THE STOKE IS HIGH.

    Talk more actual shit next time.